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At the moment, it doesn’t appear any of the blue devils that were listed in karen owen’s phony senior thesis, which outlines sexual encounters she had over her college career with duke student. A duke student's risque powerpoint has firmly implanted itself in the annals of legendary internet stories for generations to come karen f owen, a 2010 duke grad, composed an in-depth, thesis-like document titled an education beyond the classroom: excelling in the realm of horizontal academics, in may. Sources said that a “list of f ck” as the list karen owen is commonplace for the frat-hopping young women in universities like duke unfortunately, younger women feel they do not make a master thesis on the list.

Karen owen madethe 'unofficial senior thesis' on her sex life with athletes at duke university in north carolina and originally emailed it to three of her friends but the project spread to the university's entire 14,000 student body and from there on to websites across the globe. Karen owen of duke university has decided to go out with a bang (pun definitely intended) by writing a very interesting senior thesis owen went a little tucker max and documented her sexcapades with 13 different duke athletes in a power point which she called the f list and e-mailed to a few close friends. The thesis was reportedly e-mailed by owen to only a few of her close friends but after one of those friends forwarded the document, and then that recipient did the same, the document soon went viral, first appearing on the blog deadspincom.

A faux thesis that owen, 22, wrote before graduating last spring, on the sexual habits and abilities of 13 duke athletes has lit up the internet, after one of a handful of friends she e-mailed. The full duke university fuck list thesis from a former female student (update) update: names redacted read here so this is going to be bad. Caitlin flanagan's piece in the atlantic about karen owen, the undergraduate who slept with a bunch of men at duke — many of them athletes — and wrote a very detailed thesis about the experiences that got leaked, has sparked a huge amount of discussion on the internet i thought that it was a. Nik, would you with duke’s very own karen owen oct 5th, 2010 – 3:00 pm the dirty army: nik, i’m sure you have heard and who knows how many submissions you got about karen owen’s (blonde one) fck list and her experiment if you want to call it that since it has been on every single site possible already. A duke university graduate, karen owen, wrote a so-called thesis about her college sex life that has now gone viral.

If you are a duke university athlete who had maybe fooled around with a few girls, you better hope that karen owen is not one of them in a joke of a senior thesis, the karen owen list was born. Los angeles (lalate) - the purpose of karen owen's thesis purpose was to often ridicule duke male athletes on a self-absorbed list now karen owen tells news that wasn't her intention while karen owen has issued an apology to news and the men on her list, she doesn't contend she anything wrong in documenting, in a. Karen owen made the 'unofficial senior thesis' on her sex life with athletes at duke university in north carolina and originally emailed it to three of her friends.

Karen owen duke thesis

Duke’s reputation tarnished from sexual joke thesis project duke university twenty-two-year-old duke university spring 2010 graduate karen owen has tarnished the reputation of the prestigious school, according to critics, by writing a fake thesis presentation about her sexual encounters with 13 of the school’s athletic students. Since last week, karen owen has been the topic of conversation in the duke university community for her racy thesis in which she details her sexual experiences with the university's athletes. We're well-versed in karen owen's 42-page powerpoint thesis regarding her sexual adventures as a duke undergrad but perhaps you'd like to watch duke students shrugging over the whole thing since.

  • (newser) – college kids, take note: in today's world, nothing is private especially not former duke student karen owen's mock senior thesis about her sexual exploits while on campus the 22.
  • The karen owen’s presentation is viral on the web, and many are interested to know what this mock thesis actually represents karen is 2010 duke university graduate student, determined bad repercussion of kissing and telling.
  • Recent duke graduate karen owen, 22, put together a mock “thesis,” comparing and rating her sexual conquests from her sophomore year to her senior year of college the powerpoint presentation named names, showed pictures and provided graphic details of each encounter.

Karen owen, duke thesis photo from the long island press duke, meanwhile, continues to boast of his phd — his website, for instance, is now headlined, the official website of representative david duke, phd, although he hasn't been a louisiana state representative for 17 years. When karen owen graduated from duke university, she made a thesis, or more like a powerpoint presentation documenting the guys with whom she got in bed, rating them on a scale of 1 to 10. Karen owen, a recent duke university graduate, created an 'unofficial senior thesis' in the form of a 42-page powerpoint presentation that ranked all of her sleeping partners during her collegiate.

karen owen duke thesis (cbs) what do young women today really think about sexit's a question guys might not want to hear answered, if a senior thesis by recent college grad karen owen is any indication the mock.
Karen owen duke thesis
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